5 Factors Restaurant Owners Should Consider Before Buying Wooden Furniture

5 Factors Restaurant Owners Should Consider Before Buying Wooden Furniture

Need help on how to buy the perfect wooden furniture for your restaurant or bar? This well-researched article aims to provide you with five useful tips to help you make an informed and well thought out decisions.

Let’s begin.

  1. Restaurant Design

Before you decide on which wooden furniture(s) best suits your restaurant, first, you’ll need to keep every aspect of the business in mind, such as price, food, length of visit, employee uniform, and other elements.

That said, the furniture you choose should not only hint at the quality of your service but at the type of food you serve. However, if you’re not confident in your knowledge of interior decorating, that’s ok, you can opt for neutral colors like silver, white, tan, or grey. Just keep the wood tones uniform and choose only one accent color.

While choosing furniture, keep in mind that maintaining a consistent and coherent design for your restaurant is a sure way to protect your brand and create a memorable experience that keeps customers coming for more.

2. Wood Type

Another factor you should consider before buying wooden furniture is the type of wood used in crafting the product. This factor is crucial because it determines the strength and longevity of the furniture, especially if you don’t plan to buy another set soon.

Some of the top three wood types for furniture include:


Walnut is one of the hardest, most reliable, and most durable wood type for modern furniture in today’s growing market. It carves nicely, maintains its shape for years, and can stay in your keep for generations without losing quality.

Because of its excellent durability, manufacturers of fighter planes used Walnut hardwood to make airplane propellers during WW1.


Maple is another strong and durable wood type that’s often sought-after by carpenters to create heavy-use furniture like dressers and dining sets. It is more affordable than most hardwoods, can take a beating (highly durable), and is often a common choice for young families and business owners who are in search of furniture with a healthy mix of durability and affordability.

Historians believed that the mythical Trojan horse used in the legendary battle of Troy consists mainly of maple wood.


Mahogany is equally as durable as Walnut and maple and is often used to make high-quality furniture that usually lasts long enough to become antiques. It has a pleasingly fine straight grain, a timeless look, perfect for making dining tables, and will last several decades if treated with proper care.

Mahogany is a common material used in manufacturing musical instruments, which gives the tool a rich and warm tone.

It’s also worth noting that furniture made from hardwood is easy to customize and reshape with the use of Wood Lathes. Wood Lathe is a machine for shaping wood using a rotating drive, which turns the piece against changeable cutting tools.

If you wish to give your furniture a personal touch, you can go through various Wood Lathe reviews and make your pick. Also, we recommend you get a tilting and rotating work table to help reduce harmful stretching motions while working on your furniture.

3. Durability

Unfortunately, most restaurant owners choose to purchase furniture based on their price tag rather than their longevity. This buying decision is not an intelligent business move since restaurant furniture experience more wear-and-tear than typical home dining tables and chairs.

This reason is why we encourage restaurant owners to consider buying furniture made from hardwoods like Maple, Walnut, or Mahogany so they won’t have to continually purchase new tables and chairs to replace the worn-out ones.

Besides, spending money on quality furniture improves your restaurant’s perceived quality and also saves you the embarrassment of apologizing to an angry customer whose chair just broke.

4. Comfort

The level of satisfaction your customers feel while at your restaurant will determine whether they become repeat customers or not. Although this comfort majorly depends on the vibe your restaurant radiates, it also depends on how comfortable your seats feel.

For example, a corner bar and kitchen restaurant that serves a healthy mix of comfort food and Southern-influenced dishes will opt for chairs made with mildly stiffer wood with a tiny cushion. This choice aims to reduce the customer’s sitting time without damaging comfort or the dining experience. However, using the same rigid chairs at a family or fine dining establishment will result in fewer glasses of wine, and a polite refusal of the desert menu.

One way to determine the level of comfort your seats should have will be to look at your competitors, see what they chose, and incorporate it.

5. Dimensions

Keep in mind that you’ll need to consider the size of your tables and chairs for your dining space. You might focus on comfort and buy bigger furniture that feels great to sit on. However, these chairs will take up most of the dining space and hurt your bottom line.

On second thought, you might choose to maximize your available space by opting for smaller furniture. However, this option might take a wrong turn if the table and booth feel too cramped, thus becoming loud and unpleasant for your customers.

However, it’s also important to note that the amount of space plus the size of furniture will depend on your target audience. For example, a younger customer base will most likely not feel bothered by the cramped environment because of their use of technology at their table. At the same time, families and older individuals might require more space for wheelchairs, high chairs, and walkers.


So that rounds off our top five tips on the factors you should consider before buying wooden furniture for your restaurant.

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